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Industry-Validated Training for the Broadband Industry

WIA, the world’s leading authority on all things wireless is launching a new and improved training experience through its Telecommunications Education Center (TEC).

Employers can now offer their teams training bundles based on key areas of educational need.

If your organization already has an in-house LMS, you can now take TEC courses on your platform, leveraging the power of our new SCORM-Cloud to centralize elearning offerings.

Leveraging one of our customized training bundles provides HR teams with a huge advantage in streamlining the on-boarding process.

Discounted bundles are also available with content targeting your most common training issues.

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The Telecommunications Education Center [TEC] is a dynamic learning program devoted to improving education,
quality of work, and safety within the telecommunications industry. TEC is powered by the world’s leading authority on all things wireless,
the Wireless Infrastructure Association.