Barbara Burba is the CEO of Amerisite Wireless Development. Amerisite is a diversity certified woman owned business enterprise and a certified small business enterprise, which is a multifaceted services organization. She began operations in 2006 and has over 13 years of experience in Tower Development, Site Acquisition/Real Estate Services as well as Consulting, Turn-Key Construction, and contacts/resolutions. She has consulted with telecommunication and broadcast operators, and tower companies in multiple markets across the United States to build a valuable network of contacts that trust her skills and judgment when it comes to putting systems on the air. She also has consulted with the gas industry for data transmission to and from the drilling sites.

Barbara worked with the Federal Department of Education for over 12 years as a consultant and trainer. Most of her instructor experience has been in training or educating adults in government or education forums. She has worked with several universities teaching Master and Doctorate level education to students. She has collaborated with several consulting firms including Deloitte, to create a software program for PA employees incorporated in an online database. She participated in software upgrades and revisions as a trainer for all state staff. She also is a certified facilitator and mediator with the Atlanta Justice Department. She has worked with various systems within Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio to train federal government grant recipient agencies.

Barbara sits on several Board of Directors. She is currently serving as Vice-President of the PA Wireless Association; Chairperson for the Regulatory Committee, and the Education Committee. Barbara also sits on the Pennsylvania 911 Advisory Board for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  She is the President of the Board of Directors for Tower Trails Therapy Services.