Tom Oser is a consultant, educator and professional speaker on emerging technologies, innovation, and business transformation.  Leveraging experience as an industry operating executive, he advises clients on strategic planning through execution in transformational situations that leverage technologies – including digital transformation and operational integrations.

Tom’s career began in telecommunications in network engineering and operations for fiber, terrestrial microwave, and satellite communications long-haul carriers during the era of telecoms long-haul deregulation.  That period of transformation inspired him to lead the creation an innovative graduate degree program in Telecommunications Management at Stevens Institute of Technology. Tom joined the TEC team in April 2019 and specializes in our 5G curriculum.

Tom also teaches technology electives at leading business schools such as Pepperdine-Graziadio, UCLA Anderson and Wharton.  Tom holds an MBA from Wharton, and a PhD in computer and information engineering from Stevens.