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Technical Preparation Needed for 5G Deployments

By: WIA Innovation & Technology Council


The introduction of fifth-generation (5G) mobile broadband technology is set to change
how people and machines communicate and even how industries do business. 5G network deployments are expected to provide significant economic and efficiency gains in the markets where they are deployed. Smart-factory and smart-city applications, autonomous vehicles and machines, and telemedicine applications are just a few of the examples where 5G technology is expected to impact a range of industries. Work is underway to define specifications and performance requirements for 5G to ensure the networks can support the many applications expected to run on them. Massive investments are needed to upgrade and deploy new infrastructure, including macrocellular equipment, small cells and fiber, that will deliver the services promised with 5G. Stakeholders also are working to develop security and privacy guidelines designed to protect increasingly sensitive applications that will operate on 5G networks. This report will explore the technical preparations that are taking place to bring 5G networks to market, and defines technical terms needed to understand the technology.