5G Readiness Program

Industry-validated Training for the 5G Job Market

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) is the world’s leading authority on all things wireless.

WIA’s Telecommunications Education Center (TEC) is the industry’s leading resource for wireless education and training. 

The 5G Readiness Program is a first-of-its kind training course that equips students with the latest competencies required to
design and deploy broadband infrastructure. This training is the first step to a paid apprenticeship and employment in the new 5G workforce.


Attention Students

Are you interested in a career in telecommunications? The 5G revolution has created an unprecedented demand for skilled workers. Learn more about how this training can jumpstart your career.

Prospective Universities

Create job opportunities for your students with this turn-key training program. The experts at WIA’s Telecommunications Education Center provide the curriculum, and the industry renowned expertise to bring this program to your campus–online and in-person. 


Looking to connect with qualified job candidates? Contact us to implement this for your employees.