Course Overview

Connectivity solutions are increasingly evaluating the benefits of Edge Computing. Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) feature of 5G networks will require computing and processing of data to be completed near the end user. Cellular networks’ presence near the users through cell towers – from macro sites to DAS hubs, makes a compelling case for connecting edge infrastructure with cellular infrastructure. This course will introduce key benefits of integrating edge computing with 5G networks. We will review current developments in the traditional tower business to accommodate edge deployments. We will also evaluate the potential impact of edge computing, private LTE and 5G networks on the existing cellular infrastructure and the need of fiber backhaul. Edge Computing framework, which is being considered for the 3GPP based 5G architecture, will be reviewed as well.

Intended Audiences

  • Field Technicians, RF Engineers, Tower Technicians and Foreman.
  • Equipment Engineers
  • Decision-makers and operations personnel
  • Members of Operations’ team who are involved introuble shooting, In-Building DAS Installers, Designers and Project Managers


Telecommunications Education Center Wireless Fundamentals Course

Wireless 101

Wireless 101 is designed to familiarize participants with the practical aspects of wireless communication systems and their industrial applications. When it comes to modern cellular systems, it is important to understand the numerous technological developments that affect its deployment and the business ecosystem. Foundational theories of cellular communication are an important, yet often overlooked, domain…

Key Takeaways

  • Fundamentals of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and Cloud Computing
  • Edge of the Network - How Edge Computing is Enabling 5G Networks
  • Overview of C-RAN based Macro towers
  • MEC Network Architecture – real-time, high-bandwidth, low- latency radio networks
  • Tower-aggregated Edge Deployment
  • Requirements of Fiber Backhaul and Power
  • Virtualization at the Edge
  • Overview of Edge-based Consortiums and recent partnerships– Edgility, MobiledgeX, MEC
  • Connecting the dots – DAS Hubs, Private LTE, and Edge

Course Includes

  • Course outline
  • Online access to self-guided PowerPoint deck
  • Certificate of completion