Course Overview

This two-part course provides an overview of the in-building ecosystem as it applies to program and project management. With the ever-changing landscape of technologies, systems, equipment, and network integration, it is vital for project managers to understand the challenges and complexities that are unique to the deployment of indoor DAS and Small Cell systems. Students will explore the governing bodies and organizations involved in the development and implementation of in-building projects while focusing on the phases, responsibilities, events, and sequences of deploying in-building systems.

Intended Audiences

  • Installers, system integrators, program and project managers, and venue owner project managers
  • Project managers new to In-building installations
  • Personnel who desire to refresh and advance their understanding of In-building project management


Telecommunications Education Center DAS and Small Cell Course

The Evolving In-building Wireless Ecosystem

Designed for those who work in Cellular, Wi-Fi, DAS and Small Cells; this course provides a basic understanding of the technological, business, indoor environmental, and management ecosystem issues and challenges that are part of every initiative. This is a prerequisite course for the General, Project Management and Technical In-building certification tracks. This module explains why…

Telecommunications Education Center DAS and Small Cell Course

Understanding In-building Cellular Solution Alternatives

To achieve adequate In-Building cellular service, RF sources must be capable of handling and processing call traffic. This module examines the need for indoor service, the challenges of indoor deployments, the RF sources, and the distribution mechanisms available to venues today that facilitate cellular wireless deployment initiatives.Students will understand that among four service providers and…

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the various aspects and participants in the In-building DAS and Small Cell ecosystem
  • Manage the sequence of project tasks and minimize the impact of intrusions during installation
  • Understand human resources, facility resources, and budget restrictions
  • Learn the differences between an RFP, RFI, and RFQ
  • Develop and prepare preliminary design and establish a baseline for final design
  • Installation and system evaluation sequencing

Course Includes

  • Course outline
  • Online access to self-guided PowerPoint deck
  • Certificate of completion


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