About Our Trainings

Do you offer bundle course offerings?

Yes, course bundles (typically three courses in one discount package) are offered.

How do I secure training for my company?

TEC partners with the enterprise to create a training schedule to meet your workforce initiatives through an annual agreement.

Is there a minimum classroom size?

TEC recommends a minimum of 10 students.

Is there a maximum classroom size?

TEC recommends a max size of 20 students but can accommodate larger sizes in a conference or workshop setting.

Where will the TEC Training take place?

TEC will provide the training onsite or at training location of your selection. TEC also will accommodate remote employees or a combination of remote and onsite classrooms with a live webinar and moderator.

Can TEC offer a Training or Seminar at my event?

Yes, TEC partners with events to deliver critical content and offers public trainings.

Does TEC offer training across the US?


How often is the content updated?

TEC’s content is updated on a quarterly or bi-annual basis. Based on the rapidly evolving technology and data available, some material (for example 5G), is updated on a monthly or weekly basis.