About Our Curriculum

TEC's Commitment to Training

TEC’s curriculum is developed with input from SME’s, industry partners, WIA members, and academia/higher education. Our lengthy development process ensures that successful completion of TEC’s curriculum results in WIA certification and creates a consistent knowledge base recognized by the wireless industry and employers.

Our Process
  • TEC identifies market needs through its Workforce Development Committee, market surveys and employer requests.
  • TEC works with members, academia and industry experts to identify relevant course content developers.
  • TEC assembles leading SMEs and determines course development timeline to meet the market demands.
  • Once the course is developed, the WIA Advisory Committee and team of SMEs review the course and provide feedback.
  • Phase 2 of the review, TEC “pilots” the course with a small group and collects feedback that is incorporated into the final version.
  • TEC promotes through direct sales channels making new curriculum available to industry.

Allowing companies to invest in the industry with job training creates a valuable pipeline of workers who exhibit the critical knowledge needed to support their customers’ needs. TEC’s team of experts have years of hands-on, real-world industry experience which translates into practical and effective training programs for employers and an opportunity to sharpen industry and functional expertise for all job types and through accessible and customizable learning environments.