Course Overview

This course provides an overview of Telecommunications Site Development and the role of the Site Acquisition Specialist. This will prepare the novice specialist to become an immediate vital team member in securing progress on a telecommunications site. This course will also provide a refresher for the seasoned specialist with updates and reviewing current trends. With new technology and ever changing jurisdictional and federal laws governing the site development, Site Acquisition specialists must be prepared to work efficiently and aggressively in order to meet carrier deadlines.

This course addresses the challenges involved in six site development areas from Search Ring assignment through NTP to Construction handoff. Students will participate in hands on activities to learn key strategies in analytical research and discovery for the best site outcomes.

Intended Audiences

  • All Telecommunication Job Types
  • Site Development Companies
  • Site Acquisition Specialists
  • Regulatory and Due Diligence Companies


Telecommunications Education Center Wireless Fundamentals Course

Wireless 101

Wireless 101 is designed to familiarize participants with the practical aspects of wireless communication systems and their industrial applications. When it comes to modern cellular systems, it is important to understand the numerous technological developments that affect its deployment and the business ecosystem. Foundational theories of cellular communication are an important, yet often overlooked, domain…

Key Takeaways

  • Complete Search Ring Investigations: Participants will learn how to navigate online and field resources to pin-point the best-case scenario for candidate selection.
  • Secure Site Candidate: Identification and qualification - Develop protocol for soliciting and securing the best candidate from an RF, Search Ring evaluation and candidate interest.
  • Lease Negotiations through Executables: Each lease is unique. Participants will learn how to circumnavigate through the lease process in order to meet both Carrier and potential Landlord requirements.
  • Due Diligence Tasks Completion: Participants will gain an understanding of the process in order to complete all tasks associated with due diligence; Ordering NEPA, Phase 1, reading construction drawings, etc.
  • Permitting and Zoning: Participants will learn how to adhere to federal, state, and local legal requirements and regulatory approval. Correspondingly they will be learning how to approach the jurisdictions in order to succeed.
  • Reporting Progress to Management on Site Acquisition: Participants will be taught how to report and show progress on weekly procurement calls. What do they really want to hear?

Course Includes

  • Course outline
  • Online access to self-guided PowerPoint deck
  • Certificate of completion
  • Site development resource list